Osborne applied for Standard job… after friends asked for help with applications

  • Osborne applied for Standard job… after friends asked for help with applications

Osborne applied for Standard job… after friends asked for help with applications

George Osborne was unveiled as the new editor of Britain's London Evening Standard yesterday (Friday) in a surprise announcement that led to accusations that he is plotting to undermine Theresa May's plans for a clean Brexit.

He is one of the leading Conservative opponents of exiting the European Union, fired unceremoniously by May as one of her first acts after taking power following the referendum last June.

Unlike the other major British newspapers, morning papers sold nationally, the Standard is distributed exclusively in London, which voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU.

Last month Mr Osborne defended taking on additional work as part of his "varied and interesting" contribution to national life.

Mr Osborne's Tatton constituency is due to disappear at the next election under the boundary review. He lost the argument previous year in the referendum, he lost influence in Parliament.

After the Evening Standard appointment was announced on Friday, Mr Osborne said in a statement: "I am proud to be a Conservative MP, but as editor and leader of a team of dedicated and independent journalists, our only interest will be to give a voice to all Londoners".

Mr Osborne featured in my last post here a few days ago: The Resignation, The Tweets And The Facts: A Snapshot Of Double Standards In Britain - which is entirely coincidental, but might be illuminating on circles of power in the United Kingdom. He has occasionally criticized some of her rightwing initiatives, such as promoting schools that select pupils based on academic ability.

The red top called on Mr Osborne to donate his pay to charity if he "really wants to be editor while doing everything else" - but said to be an MP should be a "full-time role" and that he was "short-changing constituents and politics".

Mr Osborne, 45, tried to become a journalist before his political career began.

Evgeny Lebedev, the newspaper's owner, called the former Chancellor "London through and through" and lauded him as someone of "huge political achievement, and economic and cultural authority".

Shadow minister Andrew Gwynne said former ministers have to refer any new jobs to a committee up to two years after leaving government. The basic salary for MPs is 74,962 pounds. I will remain in Parliament, where that future is debated. "Mr Osbone hasn't even been a journalist... my threshold for being shocked just rose a little more".

While the biggest question of all is likely to centre on a potential of conflict of interest scenario given Osborne's recent appointment to a £650,000 a year, 48 days per year role as an advisor to BlackRock, the world's biggest asset management firm.

His student editing included stories on gambling, an essay on cannabis published on hemp paper, and a story he wrote himself on recruitment to Britain's MI5 security service.

Osborne famously failed to get on The Times trainee scheme back in 1993.