Maryland Man Arrested for Alleged Tweet Triggering Epilepsy Attack

  • Maryland Man Arrested for Alleged Tweet Triggering Epilepsy Attack

Maryland Man Arrested for Alleged Tweet Triggering Epilepsy Attack

John Rayne Rivello, 29, of Maryland, sent Kurt Eichenwald an animated image with a flashing light on Twitter in December, causing the seizure.

In a Tweet Friday, Eichenwald said 40 people sent him messages containing the strobe once they learned of its effects and called on people to "stop sending them".

Although the name of the suspect has not yet been released, the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed that a man was arrested on Friday morning.

In a December interview on "Good Morning America", Eichenwald said supporters of Donald Trump have targeted him because he has written critically of the president. Eichenwald said in court documents that the animation triggered a seizure. Included with the image was the message: "You deserve a seizure for your posts". On the night of the attack, Eichenwald appeared on Fox News' "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss a tweet he wrote claiming Trump wouldn't release his medical records because he had a nervous breakdown in 1990.

The seizure-inducing GIF Rivello sent, which contained flashing lights and bore the phrase "You deserve a seizure for your posts", was clearly meant to cause Eichenwald to seize. My wife is terrified. The same organization reports that these seizures can be brought on by everything from mandatory strobing fire alarms in public buildings and vehicle emergency lights to television shows and even sunlight flickering through Venetian blinds.

Journalist claims he was "assaulted" by something he saw he received on Twitter.

"This kind of assault will never happen again without huge consequences", Eichenwald continued. So if any of you others think about trying this "cute" prank, consider the consequences. Lieberman says they have not ruled out any additional action against the individual responsible for for sending the tweet, including the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit.

He stated that identifying information regarding the people that sent him the strobe images are "currently in the hands of the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

'It is unbelievable to me that simply because I am a political reporter, simply because I write about Donald Trump that we have become so sick and twisted in this country that people think they have the right and obligation to inflict potentially very serious injury, ' he said.

"I can't look at my Twitter feed anymore", Eichenwald said on GMA.