Le'Veon Bell barred from attending fan's high school prom

  • Le'Veon Bell barred from attending fan's high school prom

Le'Veon Bell barred from attending fan's high school prom

She made a bet on Twitter, that Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell would be her prom date if she received over 600 re-tweets on her post from March 11.

But the Waukesha school district stepped in and said Bell can not attend the prom with Tarantino because district policy says he's too old for the event.

Tarantino, a lifelong Steelers fan, originally reached out to Bell on Twitter as a dare. It would've been nice - and fun - to make an exception for Tarantino and Bell here - but the situation also presented the Waukesha school district with an opportunity to show how seriously it takes these policies and no exceptions will be allowed.

Its not clear yet if Ava's high school in Waukesha will allow Bell to attend prom.

She has filed a request asking the school's administration to make an exception and allow her to bring the National Football League star as her prom date during the dance in May. He has a prior arrest on his record for marijuana possession and driving under the influence. The tweet has since generated more than 2,000 retweets.

Bell originally had planned to bring along his family, including his mother and girlfriend, to the prom.

I would say most fans would be okay with that if that is simply the consolation prize.

One problem: Tarantino's school district won't let Bell attend. "And I think the fact that he's agreed to do this and to bring his family, speaks very highly of who he is as a person".

"We have to be equitable in the way we treat our students", she said. Tough luck for Ava, but still a cool move on Bell's part. Anyone involved in drug, alcohol or violent criminal incidents can't attend a dance, according to district policy.