Wayward Sea Lion Gets Trapped In Vacaville Canal

  • Wayward Sea Lion Gets Trapped In Vacaville Canal

Wayward Sea Lion Gets Trapped In Vacaville Canal

Field says the sea lion chowed down before heading toward the delta.

Cara Fields, of the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, assured that the sea lion, described as a male, between the ages of four to six, and weighing anywhere from 150 to 400 pounds was not in distress. The center believes the animal likely traveled up the river, took a wrong turn and followed a series of agricultural ditches and waterways to get to the canal.

Field said the sea lion was in no danger from swimming in the fresh water and could survive for years outside the ocean with a plentiful food source.

"They are encouraging it to get back in the open in the canal". The group included trained volunteers, a veterinarian and a rescue manager, Rulli said.

Animal experts and rescue crews are working to free a wayward sea lion that found itself trapped in a canal Tuesday in Vacaville.

Like the local celebrity he has become, the young adult sea lion waddled out of the storm drain pipe he spent the night in to be greeted by small crowd of admirers who started snapping pictures on their cellphones like paparazzi.

It's unclear how the sea lion got there, seeing as one of the closest large bodies of water, the Sacramento River, is some distance away, said Giancarlo Rulli, a spokesman for the Marine Mammal Center.

By the time everyone reached Byrne Road where the creek deepened, it was chose to simply post people on bridges farther downstream to monitor Mr. Leisure's progress back to the Sacramento River Delta about 50 miles away as the creek flows.

The renewed rescue effort comes a day after police officers, fire officials and more than a dozen marine responders tried unsuccessfully for hours to flush the animal out of the drainage pipe.