PS3 To Be Discontinued In Japan Soon

  • PS3 To Be Discontinued In Japan Soon

PS3 To Be Discontinued In Japan Soon

Additionally, a game shop in Kurume Fukuoka posted a tweet saying that it received a notification from Sony that the console's production will end this month.

Previously, former Sony executive Ken Kutaragi said that the console would have a ten-year life cycle, notes Kotaku.

At the moment subscribers to PS Now can stream nearly 500 PS3 games from their PS4 consoles, so expanding the service to include PS4 titles is an exciting prospect that will also be far more useful for gamers who want to enjoy more current titles.

Sony will enjoy the recently released figures more so than its competition, as $19.7 billion spending on its consoles, games, and services gave it a 57% share of the 2016 market.

The PlayStation 3 launched in Japan and North America in November 2006, and in Europe in March 2007.

There's only one model of PS3 still being developed: the charcoal black 500GB version (model number CECH-4300C). Now, its storied existence is finally coming to and end, as Sony has revealed that it will stop production of the console in Japan - which is always the first and most impactful nail in any PlayStation's coffin.

Following the wildly successful PlayStation 2 the third console had a rocky start with developers struggling with new custom architecture, and consumers were left baffled by a series of adverts featuring clowns and ballerinas rather than showing off the powerful console. The takeaway is this: "Shipments are scheduled to end soon". Together with Xbox 360, many adults were (then) introduced to videogaming on the ubiquitous gaming console, which has left behind a legacy of online services and hardcore gamers.

This is definitely sad news for existing PlayStation 3 owners as the company will surely cut support for the console eventually and new games launches will soon become a rare occurrence.