Netflix Gives Its New Rating System A Thumbs Up

  • Netflix Gives Its New Rating System A Thumbs Up

Netflix Gives Its New Rating System A Thumbs Up

In a press briefing, Netflix executive Todd Yellin said that, when testing the system past year, "users volunteered 200% more ratings when faced with a simple up or down choice than when having five options". With so many movies and TV shows on offer, Netflix needs to know what's hot in order to help users decide what to watch next.

As justification for the update, Netflix VP Product Todd Yellin said that what people actually watch differs from the importance they assign to stuff. Content that lines up with what users have shown to be their preferences via their pattern of viewing, will display percentage based compatibility. The streaming site is ditching its current rating system and replacing it with a thumbs up/down system similar to YouTube's - or your favorite porn site.

But, wait, there's more: Netflix is planning a system that sets us up with content that best matches our profiles. As a result, the streaming service will roll out the thumbs system in the coming weeks. It also witnessed close to a 200 percent increase in the number of ratings logged over the said test duration.

The new rating system which starts rolling out from April, will feature a rate button in the show pages that allows users to either thumbs up or thumbs down that specific show. He stated that Netflix once had over 10bn five star ratings, and that more than 50 per cent of member had rated more than 50 titles. Or perhaps we're so terrified of being judged for our opinions that we present fake opinions to the rating-crunching robots at Netflix because we just need the approval of someone. Yellin said its stats show viewers seem more than happy to watch good content from other markets, and so wants to pull all the data together to offer a broad range of quality content for users.

Netflix is introducing a new button that will enable views to "skip" the opening credits on original and third-party content alike.