Munde slams Fadnavis over loan waiver remark; din in Council

  • Munde slams Fadnavis over loan waiver remark; din in Council

Munde slams Fadnavis over loan waiver remark; din in Council

The Chief Minister charged that the Congress-NCP wants the loan waiver to help district co-operative banks run by them and which are involved in irregularities. The visit to Delhi in the middle of session comes against the backdrop of Shiv Sena supporting opposition's demand of loan waiver for farmers.

For the fifth consecutive day, members of the Shiv Sena, Congress and NCP have been trying to stall proceedings - on two separate occasions for half an hour at a time - by demanding loan waivers to farmers. "The loan waiver, which works out to Rs 30,500 crore, is exactly the amount the government has already invested in the agriculture sector to benefit farmers".

The delegation would meet Union ministers for finance and agriculture, Fadnavis said in a statement on the demand for a farm loan waiver by the opposition Congress and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

Dubbing Fadnavis's statement as "misleading and making baseless allegations against the opposition", Leader of Opposition Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil (Congress) said the government must first announce loan-waiver after which the opposition will come to the table. He placed the blame for the agrarian crisis on wrong policies of the previous regime, and said that even after a loan waiver, more than 16,000 farmers had taken their lives in the past five years. "If a loan waiver is announced, we shall have no funds for investment in this sector", he said. "So if we provide loan waivers to all the farmers, the burden on the state is Rs 30,500 crore", said the chief minister, "On the other hand, the total expenses of the state are Rs 2.57 lakh crore - salary and pension expenses account for around Rs 1.32 lakh crore. but in the past 30 months, the Central government has given Rs 19,000 crore for drought-relief; and for other things, we gave Rs 11,500 crore".

Minister of State for Finance Deepak Kesarkar, who would table the budget in the Upper House of the legislature, when asked about the instructions from his party, said that he would carry out his duty as a minister. We have spent Rs2,000 crore on crop insurance, Rs8,000 crore on compensation to farmers hit by natural calamities, and Rs11,500 crore on raising farm productivity. "The State Government is honest about intentions vis-a-vis the farm loan waiver". Neighbouring states like Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat have provided remedies for improving the standard of living for farmers.

They were joined by Opposition Congress and NCP.

When asked about Senas support to the demand, Vikhe Patil said, "Loan waiver is our demand from day one. But their concern is to cover up the corruption in the banks by infusing more funds availed through crop loan", he said.

Later, Sena legislators Chandradeep Narke and Anil Kadam said, "The Congress and the NCP were responsible for the farmers' plight".

"We are per se not opposed to farm loan waiver".

"We believe in farmers".