Weather affects some flights at Wichita Eisenhower airport

  • Weather affects some flights at Wichita Eisenhower airport

Weather affects some flights at Wichita Eisenhower airport

An unusually heavy winter storm known as "Stella" is taking its toll on airline services in the USA northeast region with more than 2,000 flights cancelled yesterday and another 4,000 forecast to be scrapped today if further snow falls in the one foot-plus quantities - as is forecast.

Almost every flight on the departures board read "cancelled".

More than 900 flights have already been cancelled for Wednesday.

The airline said it had scrapped its services to the John F. Kennedy International Airport on Tuesday, affecting three non-stop flights and another daily flight from Vancouver.

Delta Airlines announced a new nonstop daily flight from Tampa International Airport to Salt Lake City on Monday, which will begin December 21.

As snowbound Northeast airports cleared their runways in the wake of a massive storm, airlines and airports in South Florida moved to restore regular operations Wednesday and help stranded travelers make their way home.

Crews at the airport were working steadily Tuesday to keep the runways clear. The markets affected include New York City, Newark, Boston, Washington D.C, Philadelphia and Baltimore. About 50 flights at Hancock Airport in Syracuse have been cancelled on Tuesday.

If you're headed to the Northeast this week, it may be a good idea to check with your airline.

New York-LaGuardia reopened after 6 p.m. ET and Delta anticipated running a reduced schedule through the evening at both airports, as operations rebound. More than 190 Wednesday flights are already off the books, mostly at Washington National, Baltimore/Washington, Boston Logan and Chicago Midway airports.

Early Wednesday, the website,, reported total flight delays within, into, or out of the United States at 524 and total cancellations at 1,092.

"They may get out of Key West OK", said Don DeGraw, Monroe County's director of airports.