Russian spies charged in U.S. for hacking Yahoo

  • Russian spies charged in U.S. for hacking Yahoo

Russian spies charged in U.S. for hacking Yahoo

Dmitry Dokuchaev and Igor Sushchin, both officers in Russia's FSB, "protected, directed, facilitated and paid criminal hackers" to collect information through breaches in the United States and elsewhere. Or officials, as it were.

Dozens of charges have been filed against the four alleged hackers include wire fraud, the mass theft of identities and trade secrets, and economic espionage, relating to a breach of Yahoo's systems in 2014, according to the indictment.

The hackers are accused of accessing personal accounts belonging to those including Russian journalists, Russian government officials, USA government officials, US financial services and private equity firms and a US airline, the Justice Department said.

"The indictment unequivocally shows the attacks on Yahoo were state-sponsored", Yahoo Assistant General Counsel Chris Madsen said in a statement. "But the move reflects the USA government's increasing desire to hold foreign governments accountable for malicious acts in cyberspace", the story says.

The attack on Yahoo, disclosed previous year, was one of the largest ever data breaches and at the time was blamed on a "nation-state" attacker. Neither Sushchin nor Belan have been apprehended by the USA or any other nations.

Three of those named are at large but one, Baratov, was arrested in Canada on Tuesday on a USA warrant.

Yahoo's 2014 breach affected 500 million user accounts.

Russian spies are among those expected to be charged as suspects in at least one of a series of hacking attacks on Yahoo Inc, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

"Today we continue to pierce the veil of anonymity surrounding cyber crimes", said FBI Director James Comey. McCord also said that the massive hacking may have had some intelligence value, but the actions undertaken by the defendants lined their own pockets for private financial gain.

As for the two other hackers, one is named as Alexsey Belan, who is on the FBI's most-wanted list for cybercrime.

Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord announced the indictments on Wednesday.

Belan is understood to have used his access to Yahoo to search for and steal financial information such as gift card and credit card numbers from users' accounts.

U.S. intelligence agencies have said those were carried out by Russian Federation in order to help the campaign of Republican President Donald Trump.