House Intelligence Committee Leaders Reject Trump Wiretap Allegation

  • House Intelligence Committee Leaders Reject Trump Wiretap Allegation

House Intelligence Committee Leaders Reject Trump Wiretap Allegation

Both Nunes and Schiff agreed that Trump was likely incorrect if one were to take his claims literally, but Nunes acknowledged the "concern that the president has about other people, other surveillance activities looking at him or his associates".

A senior congressional aide said Saturday that the House intelligence committee asked the Trump administration to provide by Monday evidence that the phone were tapped, a request reinforced Sunday by an influential Republican, Sen.

It follows Trump's claim that Obama had Trump's "wires tapped" at Trump Tower before the election. If you are, clearly the president is wrong.

In yet another extraordinary press conference, Spicer read out articles written by the New York Times, the Guardian and others, and included the false claim made by USA television analyst Andrew Napolitano, who alleged Government Communications Headquarters - or GCHQ - involvement in the spying.

Nunes has been a vocal defender of Trump's since the president took office.

"Well, I've been reading about things".

As for that wiretapping investigation, the clock is ticking.and time is running out. "But it's an illegal thing; they've been doing it, they've done it before and I think it's a disgrace". "But it's right now before the committee and I think I want to leave it there", Trump added. "And I just don't think that we can answer it categorically in this forum".

That was during the Obama years, that was not us, that was during the Obama situation.

Conway pushed back against what she called "fake news" headlines Monday after numerous reports quoted her as having accused Obama of spying on Trump Tower using microwaves. And microwaves that turn into cameras, etc.

Some suspect that FBI Director James Comey will soon disclose whether his agency was specifically investigating ties between Russian Federation and Trump's campaign.

We'll hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination until Congress is provided with information to finally clear the air as to whether or not there was ever a warrant issued against the Trump campaign.

The unusual and shifting explanations from Spicer and Conway reflected the contortions that members of Trump's inner circle have employed to explain the President's explosive accusation, which he has yet to address personally.