Passengers Gasp As Carnival Ship Nearly Crushes Jet Skiers

  • Passengers Gasp As Carnival Ship Nearly Crushes Jet Skiers

Passengers Gasp As Carnival Ship Nearly Crushes Jet Skiers

Two spring breakers were swept away into the path of a 130,000-ton cruise ship after waves sent them flying off their jet skis at the Port Canaveral in Florida.

The massive ship misses them by mere feet, but it doesn't look like the capsized jet ski was as lucky.

Marine United Deputy Taner Primmer saved two young women from a awful demise on Saturday, according to the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

Brown alerted Deputy Taner Primmer who was on duty in the harbor operating a Sheriff's Marine Unit patrol boat in support of the cruise ship departures.

While attempting to get back on board, the panicked vacationer accidentally flipped the jet ski over completely.

While the ship's captain Doug Brown attempted to steer the ship away, he was limited in how far he could maneuver the vessel.

"I've had some close calls with small pleasure boats", he said.

Wind pushed both women into the channel of the port, into the direct path of the cruise ship. "This was the first time with people in the water, nearly right in front of you".

One commented that the boat hadn't hit the girls but had hit the overturned jet ski.

"This is Skylar Pentasuglia, the second one to be pulled up on the boat by Deputy Tanner Primmer".

The women were identified as Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, and Allison Garrett, 20, both from Princeton, West Virginia.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey says the women could have been pulled under the ship and suffered serious or fatal injuries. The Sheriff's Office provides all law enforcement and seaport security services for Port Canaveral.

Seaport Security Marine Deputy Taner Primmer, who was providing security escort for the cruise ship, saw what was happening.