Mama June has no plans to remarry

  • Mama June has no plans to remarry

Mama June has no plans to remarry

"From Not to Hot" star Mama June Shannon is skinnier than ever and she only has herself-and some doctors-to thank.

Last week's episode ended with Mama June deciding she needed skin removal surgery after losing so much weight. That's what a lot of critics are saying, and it looks like her mother Mama June is even thinking about cutting out all the junk food from her daughter's life. And her daughter, Lauryn "Pumpkin", has confirmed that June eventually had several more procedures before Sugar Bear's wedding in January. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly on Friday, March 10, the reality star revealed that she won't walk down the aisle a second time.

Considering her latest comments, restricting candies may not be the most extreme thing she's willing to do to help her 11-year-old daughter lose weight. In a recent episode of the WE tv show, she told viewers that she bought a revealing "revenge dress" to showcase her newly slimmed-down figure at Thompson's January wedding to his new wife, Jennifer Lamb. She has also confessed to having undergone a breast lift, tummy tuck and removal of excess skin from her neck and arms.

ET reached out to WE tv, who confirmed that Mama June did indeed pay for her own surgeries. Yet, she also did point out that Honey Boo Boo's father and his family have a long list of health problems that include diabetes and more.

"I do encourage them to lose weight, but they're teenagers", the 37-year-old TV personality said on the Domenick Nati Show about her daughters - Alana, 11 and Lauryn, 17. What's unusual is that even though Mama June is determined to maintain a healthier lifestyle for herself, she hasn't said much about her daughters or their own health struggles.

"If it would make them confident, yes, I would recommend surgery". In the tweet, Mama June said that Crooks had "worked [her] a** off" and that the pounds were "falling off".

According to People Magazine, the impetus for Mama June's dramatic transformation came when her ex-husband, Sugar Bear, cheated on her. Are you excited to see Mama June's big reveal?