How 'The Walking Dead' Honored Its Past With 'Bury Me Here'

  • How 'The Walking Dead' Honored Its Past With 'Bury Me Here'

How 'The Walking Dead' Honored Its Past With 'Bury Me Here'

"I counted them myself!"

In last week's episode, Rosita and Sasha hatched a plan to kill the evil leader of the Saviors. (Although it occurs to me as I'm typing that we might have to endure the same drama at the Hilltop...son of a...) Along with the big battle, in which a whole bunch of extras and at least one off-main character will die, we might get to see Morgan go vigilante assassin on their asses, which will be awesome. The events of tonight's episode were more sedate than that. But before the Kingdom crew can leave, Gavin makes them understand that they have to bring one melon the next day.

Some of the new photos show Morgan Jones in the aftermath of Richard's death, dealing with the fact that he broke his "all life is precious" creed and earning the trust of the Saviors again.

This episode opens with some of the residents of the Kingdom loading a single melon onto a truck, an image which is incredibly painful once we learn its meaning. Things get more heartbreaking from there. "Just f'ing GET THERE already!" is not the reaction any show wants, much less for 10 weeks straight. Even when his patience ran out tonight, it was more like he was being forced to act than him actually wanting to act. However, it was important for Richard to die in "Bury Me Here", and here are three reasons why.

Benjamin's death may not have a great impact on the audience, but the loss is felt at the Kingdom, and especially by his aikido mentor Morgan (Lennie James). A sequence cut together in such a way that I found it to be laughable and cringe-inducing, capped off with an awkward, clunky flashback to a moment earlier in the episode when Morgan realizes what caused things to go wrong. And Morgan's shifty eyes didn't reassure her one bit. The look in Joshua's eyes makes me think Jared is going to fly off the handle and do something unexpected at any moment.

At the end of "The Walking Dead's" latest episode "Bury Me Here", we were left with some serious and somber faces, and the vibe that war is imminent at the once peaceful The Kingdom. We had 20 seconds of Carol laying waste to a few and then maybe 20 seconds near the end of Morgan doing the same. If we didn't find out what Morgan was thinking, the episode would have felt empty. As they get to the meeting point with the Saviors, it becomes apparent what the shopping carts were for.

Thankfully, the makers of the show made a decision to be merciful to us this week. "We have to get ready".

It all started when King Ezekiel's head of security Richard (Karl Makinen) concocted a plan to prove to the monarch that they had to fight back against The Saviours. Finally the third thing to remember is that Daryl and Maggie could also be in danger.

Richard was reckless. He wanted to take down Negan. Benjamin wasn't supposed to be hurt.

What do YOU guys think? But, of course, Morgan would have to kill in order for this plan to work.