How Ed Sheeran's ÷ performed in the charts across the world

  • How Ed Sheeran's ÷ performed in the charts across the world

How Ed Sheeran's ÷ performed in the charts across the world

"When you were a kid and you bought a single, if you played it 500 times over five weeks it was still only one sale".

"Global superstar Ed Sheeran has made history once again, scoring the biggest debut of the year with first week sales equivalents of his album "÷" (pronounced "divide") exceeding 451,000 units.

Over on singles, Ed holds the Top 3 spots, led by Shape Of You at Number 1 and followed by Galway Girl (2) and Castle On The Hill (3). Additionally, "Shape of You" tops iTunes' "Top Songs" chart and Spotify's "Top 50" (both Global and U.S.). "I don't know if something's gone wrong but I'm definitely very, very happy about it".

To hammer home how unimpressed the Brum station are they also tweeted the day before asking their not so many followers if anyone else thought that Ed's Official Chart domination was a "joke".

His new album, the irritatingly titled ÷, now bestrides the charts like a colossus in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe. Ed Sheeran is in fact the first musician to achieve this. I never expected to have nine songs in the top 10 in my life.

All 15 tracks of the album have ranked on Australia's Top 40, which is the first time a living artist has had more than 14 singles in the Top 100 at the same time. His second studio release, x, snagged the top spot back in 2014, with 209,000 in traditional album sales.

The Brit also set a new record for the most concurrently charting songs on Billboard + Twitter Top Tracks (a weekly ranking of the most shared and/or mentioned songs on Twitter in the U.S.) with 13 songs in the top 50, while Shape of You now sits atop Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

A hit around the world, it has become the latest example of the streaming revolution in music, smashing Spotify's record for the most streams in a single week with 375 million globally (beating The Weeknd's 223 million, set four months ago). Its impact on the Billboard Hot 100.