Trump, Merkel And The Wider Western World 48:16

  • Trump, Merkel And The Wider Western World 48:16

Trump, Merkel And The Wider Western World 48:16

Mr Trump will be "candid" with Angela Merkel about the need to reduce America's trade deficit with Germany when the two meet in Washington next week, in what will be the U.S. president's first meeting with a world leader of whom he has been critical.

While former U.S. President Barack Obama had labelled Merkel his "closest worldwide partner", there has been little known contact between the German leader and Trump since he took office.

"Merkel has been studying Trump from afar", Der Spiegel reported.

Trump's criticism of Germany over issues ranging from its record trade surplus tos Merkel's liberal refugee stance, as well as his backing for Britain to leave the European Union, has been the issue of tussle. Formerly worked with the German Council on Foreign Relations.

Merkel, who enjoyed a good relationship with former President Barack Obama, has differed on many issues with Trump. Merkel has been a leading critic of Trump's effort to ban travelers temporarily from seven Muslim-majority nations, a list that has since been pared back to six. He even predicted that voters would overthrow her but simultaneously described her as a great world leader.

"I am deeply convinced that the trans-Atlantic partnership based on common values is in all of our interests, not only for us Europeans", Merkel said in previewing her meeting at the White House.

Merkel's office also announced the postponement just before the Chancellor was due to depart. Whether the situations in Ukraine and Syria are addressed or ignored after the meeting will be an important indicator of the administration's approach to both conflicts.