'Kong: Skull Island' reigns supreme in USA box office battle

  • 'Kong: Skull Island' reigns supreme in USA box office battle

'Kong: Skull Island' reigns supreme in USA box office battle

The original "King Kong" plot features a film crew, accompanied by damsel actress Ann Darrow, who discover an island inhabited by "savage" natives. It cost $185 million to produce, which means that it will need to be a hit overseas if Legendary and Warner Bros, the studios behind the film, want to make a profit.

The titular island from Kong: Skull Island is now discoverable on Google Maps.

What time period do you want to see in Godzilla vs. King Kong? The South Korea's market is giving the film a $7.4 million.

That said, for a Warner Bros. action film* opening in this many theaters an opening around $42 million is the average.

He's much more than just comic relief, essentially, and when reflecting on Reilly's character during a chat with Cinema Blend, Jordan Vogt-Roberts pitched his cut-budget idea for a standalone movie.

According to Comicbook, the film was victorious upon overlapping the Marvel film "Logan" at the box office, and it has also taken first place on its weekend premiere.

The movie was expected to earn $45-50 million, but broke all expectations to smash records.

Meanwhile, "Logan", the latest "X-Men" movie which had opened on March 3, came in second, grossing more than $37 million domestically this past weekend. We're sticking to the lower end of that spectrum, anticipating a drop around 52.4% and a $42 million sophomore session, comparable to the second weekend drops of similar openers such as Skyfall and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Over almost three weeks, it has amassed $111 million in sales.

Get Out continues its impressive run as the film finished in third place with $21.1 million.

Thanks to a teasing post-credits scene, we know that Skull Island will neatly dovetail with Godzilla: King of the Monsters, at which point Krampus helmer Michael Dougherty will be courting Gojira back out of the ocean to do battle with a range of Massive Unidentifed Terrestrial Objects (MUTOs for short). The $61 million debut bests all analyst predictions for the release.