Chinese president to meet with Trump

President Trump will return to Mar-a-Lago this weekend, the White House confirmed on Monday, making it the fifth weekend he has spent in Florida as president.

The official cautioned that the plan is only tentative at the moment. Trump has since reassured President Xi that he will honor the "one China" policy.

Axios, which first broke the news, cited officials familiar with the planning as saying that the summit will be a "working session" with no golfing planned.

Trump has tasked his administration with recalibrating US trade relationships and is likely to discuss the issue the Chinese leader.

Spicer's announcement came hours after reports emerged that Trump would also host the Chinese president at the exclusive resort during his visit next month. According to CNN, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will travel to Beijing this week, in part, to finalize plans for the Mar-a-Lago meeting. The pair would have a wide range of issues to discuss, including the North Korean threat, trade and disputed territory in the South China Sea. He has accused China of manipulating its currency to allow its goods to outsell American made products.

Trump recognised the "One China" policy, which reinforces the belief that there is only one Chinese state despite there being two governments, in early February during a call with Jinping.

The Palm Beach meeting would mark the first in-person meeting between the two presidents.