Children hilariously interrupt live BBC interview

  • Children hilariously interrupt live BBC interview

Children hilariously interrupt live BBC interview

Professor Robert E Kelly, appeared on BBC News this morning to discuss his opinion on the presidency of South Korea. Then his son scooted in behind her.

AWorld News interview was briefly interrupted today (Friday) by a young girl.

Kelly could not be reached immediately for comment.

He earned his bachelors degree in political science from the University of Miami and completed his PhD at Ohio State. He has lived in Korea for the past 10 years.

The woman, who CNN reports is Kelly's wife, hauled the children away.

Video interviews from home always bear the risk that something will disrupt the professionalism and seriousness of the moment. Well their grandmother Ellen Kelly has told the Daily Mail it may have been all her fault. "It was just hilarious".

The proud mother said: "It was just fantastic".

You've also seen the shot-by-shot analysis, the various parodies and riffs on the video, the thinkpieces (no, really) on them and everything else.

If you scrolled through any social media or even switched on the telly yesterday, it's nearly guaranteed that you came across this hilarious video. "Typically, when you're framing an interview, you're framing it with the person from the chest up", she said.

"I think one of your children just walked in", the anchor alerts Kelly as the child makes her way up to her dad's desk. Of course, then the clip wouldn't have been almost as amusing, either.

The woman crawled back, shut the the door and Kelly, an associate professor of global relations at Pusan National University, again tried to think about North Korea rather than the dangers of the home office invasion.