World's Heaviest Woman Lost 100 Kilograms After Surgery In India

  • World's Heaviest Woman Lost 100 Kilograms After Surgery In India

World's Heaviest Woman Lost 100 Kilograms After Surgery In India

The 36-year-old Egyptian, who weighed an estimated 1,100 pounds when she arrived at India's Saifee Hospital a month ago in order to undergo life-saving weight loss surgery, surprised doctors by losing 210 pounds with diet changes, double the amount doctors had hoped she would lose. In March 2017, she flew from Egypt in a special cargo aircraft to get admitted in Mumbai's Saifee hospital, as part of a weight loss programme.

The doctors have said that Eman is now on oral fluids and is accepting them well.

Eman Ahmed, the Egyptian woman who underwent a bariatric surgery this week, has been put on a high protein liquid diet that is administered to her via a feeding tube.

Two-thirds of the stomach are removed during a laparscopic sleeve gastectomy procedure, leaving a narrow sleeve that increases a sense of satiation and decreases appetite.

Ms Ahmed has been in hospital since February 10th when she was moved out of her home for the first time in 25 years by removing the wall from her room and a crane lifted out her bed.

"She had an uneventful surgery and anesthesia course".

But the hospital has now said she lost 100kg after Tuesday's operation. After the bariatric surgery, Abd El Aty lost approximately 220 pounds through medical support, treatment and daily monitoring. According to the statement, the next focus of the medical team will fall on correcting the other medical problems associated with obesity. Water accounted for 70 to 100 kgs of her total weight.

A spokeswoman for Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, who is leading the treatment, said Abd El Aty's weight was brought below 400 kilograms after her arrival in Mumbai last month.

Lakdawala first heard about El Aty's condition after her sister reached out for help through social media. First, her visa request was denied, and she was only granted passage after the direct intervention of India's foreign minister.

Airlines were also reluctant to take Abd El Aty as a passenger due to her health complications, so after weeks of waiting she was flown to India in a modified Airbus.