Legendary Pokemon are Coming To Pokemon GO in 2017

  • Legendary Pokemon are Coming To Pokemon GO in 2017

Legendary Pokemon are Coming To Pokemon GO in 2017

Pokemon GO's seeming lack of intuitive ways to capture legendary creatures is beginning to feel like a curious design oversight. In fact, back in February, more than 80 new Pokemon were introduced to the game in one fell swoop.

"Pokemon Go" gyms are all set to get a wash over after Niantic developers admit that the said feature is the game's waterloo.

Niantic CEO, John Hanke, confirmed in an interview with Wired (via Gamespot) that we'll see more legendary Pokemon later this year in Pokemon Go.

Fans of the popular Android and Apple app may be wondering where in the world those Legendary types are, since they haven't been spoken about since near launch in 2016.

Recently the folks at Niantic added a bunch of new Pokemon to Pokemon GO which we guess was kind of a welcome move.

"Pokemon Go" - which generated traffic its servers had difficulty handling last summer - will fulfill long-sought and long-promised additions of "legendary" Pokemon and the ability for players to battle and trade with each other, he said. Unfortunately, there have been no hints or clues since on how any of the Legendary Pokemon will appear in the game. Recently, CEO John Hanke made a decision to weigh in on the discussion.

How you incorporate those elements in a game that spans the whole real-world planet with thousands of players is definitely going to be a game design challenge.

The talk is titled, "Augmented Reality and Urban Revitalization" and will see Hanke and Sam Gill of the Knight Foundation discussing the potential for Augmented Reality and other mobile technologies to engage communities in dialogue and activity around public spaces.

"What happened last summer was really kind of unusual, where "Pokemon Go" spiraled out of control to this level of cultural awareness that nobody expected, certainly not us", Hanke said. More information will likely be shared in the coming months.

According to Hanke, the smart glasses would also make it easier for the gaming company "to realize their goal of enabling people to discover new places in their city that they've never visited before".

The bad news is that you might have to wait a while.