Flynn Clarifies Turkey Lobbying Work

  • Flynn Clarifies Turkey Lobbying Work

Flynn Clarifies Turkey Lobbying Work

The company, Inovo BV is based in the Netherlands, but was founded by Kamil Ekim Alptekin, who also serves as the chair of the Turkish-American Business Council that operates under the Turkish Foreign Economic Relations board.

Flynn's work was previously disclosed in a Lobbying Disclosure Act registration with Congress, but Tuesday's filing under the Foreign Agents Registration Act to the Justice Department was the first admission that his actions also affected the Republic of Turkey.

Flynn's company reportedly received a total of $530,000 for the work, which was conducted between August and November, thus covering Flynn's run as Trump's campaign military adviser.

Trump fired Flynn last month for discussing US sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador to the United States before Trump took office on January 20 and misleading Vice President Mike Pence about the conversations.

Inovo BV, a privately-owned Dutch business consultancy services company, hired FIG in September for lobbying work to advise the company on USA domestic and foreign policy. "Your reaction to that, given that, doesn't that mean, Mister President, that even if he didn't lie to you about what the Russian ambassador said or didn't say, that you would have had to fire him anyway?" In September, Flynn's firm was invited by Alptekin to meet with Turkish officials in New York-a meeting, which was confirmed by Turkish businessman. "You have an attorney calling the transition team saying that the person in line to be the national security adviser may need to register as a foreign agent and that doesn't raise a red flag?"

It was well known that on Election Day, Flynn authored an op-ed in the Hill, a Washington newspaper, in which he lambasted Fethullah Gülen, a Turkish cleric residing in Pennsylvania who is blamed by the Turkish government for fomenting a July coup attempt there.

Flynn Intel Group shut down its operations in November 2016, according to the filing. "And I never lobbied or contracted lobbyist on behalf of the Turkish Government". I know that, from what I have read, that he has filed the appropriate forms with the Department of Justice, and I think you should ask him and subsequently them if you have any questions about this specific filing.

The lobbying coincided with Flynn working with Trump as his presidential campaign manager.

"Flynn Intel Group was to retain an experienced filming and production crew in order to develop a short film piece on the results of its investigation, and a public affairs firm to utilize for public affairs as needed". Even so, Alpetkin's membership on that economic board and the meeting with Turkish government officials raises all sorts of red flags about Flynn's work and the potential for conflicts of interest - which is why the U.S. requires foreign agents to register in the first place.

"The op-ed was not written or published at the request of, or under the direction or control of, Inovo, the Republic of Turkey, or any other party".