'Cannabis Culture' Shops Raided After Marc Emery's Arrest

  • 'Cannabis Culture' Shops Raided After Marc Emery's Arrest

'Cannabis Culture' Shops Raided After Marc Emery's Arrest

According to Tousaw, the Emerys were arrested at Toronto's Pearson International Airport on Wednesday, where they were stopped en route to Barcelona to attend a pot festival called Spannabis.

Marc Emery faces 15 counts, including conspiracy to commit an indictable offense, trafficking, possession for the goal of trafficking, and possession of proceeds of crime, while Jodie Emery is charged with five similar counts.

On Thursday, law enforcement officers in three Canadian cities raided various locations of Cannabis Culture, a chain of marijuana shops owned by the Emerys.

The couple was being held for a bail hearing at Old City Hall on Thursday morning, Kirk Tousaw posted on Facebook. The Emery's "Cannabis Culture" shop in Vancouver is located on West Hastings.

Toronto police haven't confirmed if the two were arrested, and Cannabis Culture didn't have details on the charges against them. Also hearing of raids at other Cannabis Culture franchise in ON.

Photos shared on social media show police raids in dispensaries in Vancouver, Ottawa, and several stores in Toronto.

"Any dispensary operating in Canada is technically transgressing the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, whether that's for medical or recreational purposes", Tousaw admitted.

"This is a move to attack Jodie and Marc Emery", Danny Kresnyak, editor of Cannabis Culture magazine, told The Canadian Press.

In December, Marc Emery was arrested at a new Cannabis Culture dispensary in Montreal and charged with drug trafficking. In 2014, Marc Emery was released from USA prison after serving a four-and-a-half year sentence for selling marijuana seeds to American customers from his Vancouver-based dispensary.