Bird Flu Outbreaks Occuring Throughout the Midwest

  • Bird Flu Outbreaks Occuring Throughout the Midwest

Bird Flu Outbreaks Occuring Throughout the Midwest

Report sick birds-Don't wait. The Giles County outbreak is the second outbreak of the year to involve a low-pathogenic strain; earlier this week federal health officials said H5N2 was found in an outbreak involving a commercial turkey farm in Barron County, Wis. The entire flock of birds in Lincoln County was killed.

Two different strains of the virus, with different levels of lethality, are involved in the latest outbreaks.

Low-pathogenic bird flu can cause coughing, ruffled feathers and other symptoms in poultry.

The US Department of Agriculture and state government agencies confirmed the discovery on Sunday, after a large number of the chickens had died.

There has been a surge in human infections with a H7N9 strain of the flu in China although the World Health Organsation said the risk of epidemic from that still remains low. "Should any flock be diagnosed with [a] highly pathogenic avian influenza, farms are immediately quarantined and birds from them are not processed".

The heat and dry weather in summer end to stop the spread of virus, like how it is when cold weather covers the area in winter.

"They understand this is a high-risk period with the spring migration period, so they're watching their flocks closely and doing additional surveillance to make sure that if anything pops up, they're going to identify it quickly", said Dr. Shauna Voss, senior veterinarian at the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory in Willmar.

Poultry owners who see signs of potential HPAI infection are urged to call the department's Bureau of Animal Health at 717-772-2852.

Signs of Avian Influenza include sudden increase in bird deaths, swelling of the head, eyelids, comb, wattle, or hocks, and purple or darkened color of wattles, comb, or legs. "So, biosecurity and healthy poultry flocks are important to us all". Wild waterfowl can harbor the Avian Influenza virus without getting sick.

However, the company that operates the breeding operation is a different business from the one associated with the recent detection of highly pathogenic avian influenza in nearby Lincoln County.