Alonso not happy with misfiring engine

  • Alonso not happy with misfiring engine

Alonso not happy with misfiring engine

Alonso was stopped in his tracks after only ONE LAP in Barcelona on day one of the first test because of an issue with the Honda-designed oil tank. But the chassis feels good, it is responding well to changes and I am happy with the balance and how it attacks the corners.

"I think it's similar to a year ago to be honest".

"We are not matching our expectations. I am enjoying the auto". They must solve the problems because they are not leaving the reputation of one of the best drivers ever and, it must also be said, one of the legendary teams of this sport. "Ok, we now have some problems, but it hasn't affected my confidence in any way".

"In the team, we are all ready to win except Honda".

"The problems we're facing now are probably a bit unexpected and it's not ideal, but this is the situation so we can't sit still and do nothing".

The Spaniard said the engine had "no reliability and no power", with only two days of testing remaining before the first race of the season on March 26 in Melbourne. "I'll prepare very hard with the team over the next week, spend some more time in the simulator and go through the data we have brought back from the test, and hopefully we can go to Melbourne with some upgrades and some positive signs". The laps we complete are quality laps, we're getting to know the vehicle, we find some issues, like the rear brake calliper overheating after 11 laps, or the tear offs going into the radiators and making temperatures go up, meaning you have to put a net on the intake for Australia to prevent that from happening. However, the question still remains, will they have enough power in the engine. I think we are 30 km/h down on every straight. "When people go pessimistic, I go optimistic".

"I would have liked a start with more laps, but in F1 you can't choose, it is as it is", said the Belgian. I believe that we have a good electrical motor - similar or equal to the best - as we can deploy all the way down the straights nearly into the braking areas, so we're doing well in that area. I feel I am the best driver out there. I don't know at which point.

"If the others start braking later than me and accelerating earlier, then I know it is time to stop", Alonso, 35, is quoted as saying by the Spanish press in Barcelona. Today they have a lot of information from the last two years, so I think they already have the answer to all the problems they've seen and experienced until now with the info they got from the last two years. "Now it's the time to attack". At least the new McLaren road cars look cool.

"Oh yeah, for us, not only Turn 3", he smiled.