Grandfather: Indiana girl's murder 'has torn a hole in our family'

  • Grandfather: Indiana girl's murder 'has torn a hole in our family'

Grandfather: Indiana girl's murder 'has torn a hole in our family'

We respect Libby's family's decision to speak publicly just as they respect our family's decision not to speak publicly'.

According to Indiana State Police, Libby German's family will hold a news conference at 10 the Carroll County Courthouse.

The family's pastor, Todd Ladd, of the Delphi United Methodist Church, opened the press conference with a prayer while the grandparents hugged each other. I believe if she were able to speak she would ask people, please give her the one minute she always asked for; to really study the picture and listen to the audio clip.

Standing alongside his wife, Becky, Patty began his speech by reading a statement from members of the Williams family, who weren't in attendance at Thursday's conference.

'Abby and Libby loved each other, ' he read. "Throughout this tragedy, we have honored their memory by carrying forward and respecting each other".

Libby and Abby, friends and fellow softball players, were dropped off February 13 near an abandoned rail bridge over a creek so that they could hang out and walk around, police said. "He's someone's neighbor, co-worker, family member, friend, husband or acquaintance", he said. "We're confident of that.And bring justice", Carroll County Sheriff Tobe Leazenby said of the crime scene. However small it make seem, it is extremely vital to catch your every tip we can get.

More than $200,000 has been raised as a reward for the suspect's capture, Perrine said, with Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay and retired punter Pat McAfee donating a combined $97,000. There are also plans to build a park and softball field with some of that donated money as well.

But little has turned up in the investigation. Look for changes in appearance or behavior in people and report information to the tip line. "Obviously, we're proud. It's too bad it had to happen like that". "They're optimistic. I've never seen a coordinated effort the way I've seen right now".

"The pain will always be there", he added of the loss of their granddaughter and her friend. "How ever small it may seem.please, we need your help".

"They stuck together", he said. She also captured a man's voice saying "down the hill".

"But obviously, she had presence of mind to sense something a little odd there", Patty said about German recording the suspect on her cellphone. "To have enough presence of mind to activate the video system on her cell phone to record what we believe is criminal behavior that is about to occur", he said.

As of Thursday, Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine said law enforcement had over 11,000 tips in the investigation, and 2,000 of them had been dismissed with absolute certainty that they are not involved in the Delphi investigation.