Google's AI can now recognize what's in your videos

  • Google's AI can now recognize what's in your videos

Google's AI can now recognize what's in your videos

The new Cloud Video Intelligence API, says Google, utilizes "powerful deep-learning models" to search for user-specified objects (cats, humans, cars, etc) within video content, pinpointing moments within the video where these objects are located. Meanwhile, developers can leverage HANA and HANA Express to build the next generation of applications on the Google cloud.

Essentially the Cloud Video Intelligence API allows users to search through videos in the same way as they search through text.

But if Google can find practical applications for whiz-bang features like the Video API demo it showed today, it might find itself allowed into the next soirée.

With more than 0.8 million data scientists on the platform, Kaggle opens up an opportunity for Google to broaden its reach within the data science community and be on an equal footing with Amazon's (AMZN - Free Report) AWS and Microsoft's (MSFT - Free Report) Azure that also offer data science services.

Kaggle and Google Cloud will support machine learning training and deployment services, while offering the community the ability to store and query large data sets, she said.

Rackspace has announced that it will become the first managed service partners for the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Developers may sign up for a private beta via the Google Cloud Platform site.

At the kickoff keynote Diane Greene, senior vice president of Google Cloud, announced several new customers, including eBay, HSBC, Colgate-Palmolive and Verizon Communications.

Finally, Google's Cloud Datalab interactive data science workflow tool is now generally available. He went on to point out that the Snapchat used the Google Cloud Platform which helped improve its performance which resulted in the successful IPO of the company.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

For more information on Google's new products and developments, visit Google Cloud's Big Data and Machine Learning Blog.

This business collaboration reflects a bid by major internet companies such as Google and Apple to move into business software markets where SAP is a powerhouse in enabling companies to operate on the emerging industrial internet. "The momentum around GCP is building, and as businesses move workloads to this platform, they're looking for expertise and a support partner to help with that journey", said Patrick Lee, Rackspace Google business general manager.

General pricing for Compute Engine will also drop, by 5 percent in the U.S., 4.9 percent in Europe, and 8 percent in Tokyo, and the free tier trial has been extended from 60 days to one year, Google said.