Goa Exit poll 2017: BJP may retain power

  • Goa Exit poll 2017: BJP may retain power

Goa Exit poll 2017: BJP may retain power

By11 am, twenty four hours or a little more or a little less, depending when you will be reading this, on March 11, we will have a more than a fair idea of which way Goa's most closely fought, and by far the most complex election has turned out to be. Every one of the exit polls that were put out on Thursday says the BJP will be the single largest party in Uttar Pradesh.

Different pollsters either have a very contrasting prediction on who will form a government, or the fight is so intense that they simply give an equal chance to two parties. India TV C-Voter gave 155-167 seats to BJP, 135 to 147 for SP-Congress and 81 to 93 for BSP.

If indeed these results pan out as forecast-exit polls are known to have got it wrong in the past-then Indian politics will witness a benchmark moment.

UP saw 61% voting, Punjab 73%, Goa 83% and Manipur 83% in the latest phase of elections.

They are quoting a price of 55 paise each for AAP and Congress getting 50 seats each out 117.

India TV-CVoter: Goa expected to get hung Assembly. NewsX-MRC poll, though, gives BJP around 185 seats, the SP-Congress 120 and the BSP 90-actually the only survey to give Mayawati's party so many seats. Punjab elections According to bookies, BJP-SAD combine is likely to lose power in Punjab.

According to the Cvoter, the Congress could come second with 41-49 seats and the ruling Akali Dal-BJP combine was projected to finish with just 5-13 seats.

Almost all polls concluded that the ruling Akali Dal-BJP alliance will likely face a rout in the 117-member assembly. Since the historic drubbing it received in the 2014 general election, the Congress has failed to win any state poll, although it was the junior partner in an alliance with the Janata Dal (United)-Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) that won power in Bihar in 2015. It looks like BJP's gamble of poaching Congress leaders and packing their house ahead of elections has paid off.

This time around, while the SAD is contesting 94 seats the BJP is 23.

While AAP's fate depends largely on politically significent Malwa region, the Congress appears to have done better in the remaining two regions - Doaba and Majha.

Predicting a hung assembly in UP, ABP-Lokniti projected 164-176 for BJP, 156-169 for SP-Congress, 60-72 for BSP.