Residents in Canadian town 'alarmed' as tap water turns bright pink

  • Residents in Canadian town 'alarmed' as tap water turns bright pink

Residents in Canadian town 'alarmed' as tap water turns bright pink

Bright pink tap water alarms residents of Alberta town.

Videos and photos from anxious people in Onoway, Alberta, appeared on social media showing strangely vibrant water pouring from their taps.

"Yesterday, during normal line flushing and filter backwashing, a valve seems to have stuck open allowing potassium permanganate to get into the sump reservoir", the town said, according to CBC.

Householders said they were afraid to drink the water, fearing it contained unsafe levels of chemicals.

The statement did not come until hours after the first reports of the odd color surfaced, and Mayor Dale Krasnow apologized via the town website on Tuesday.

Other residents shared Facebook posts of the pink water, too, according to CBC.

The town drained its reservoir and tried to flush out its entire water distribution system once it realized the substance, used to treat water, got into the main water supply.

She said at the time it was still running clear but it later ran bright pink from the hot water taps.

"It's not Cream Soda or pink lemonade but a sample of what is coming out of the water taps in Onoway", wrote reporter Susan Amerongen, captioning an image of a mason jar filled with the fuchsia liquid.

He said in a statement that Onoway "could have done a better job communicating what was going on". "Absolutely, without a doubt", said Krasnow. It can cause irritation or burns when the undiluted salt makes direct contact with skin.

"As the night wore on, more and more people were saying they had pink water", Van Zanten Heale said.

He added that "there was never a public health risk" and that the town had been working with the province's environment officials.

"This morning when I ran the tub to give [my kids] a bath, I immediately shut that down", she told local news channel News Edmonton.