CPS: Possible mumps case reported at North Side school

  • CPS: Possible mumps case reported at North Side school

CPS: Possible mumps case reported at North Side school

The health department says there are 27 possible cases spread throughout Prairie and Station middle schools and Libertyville High School.

Two more cases of mumps were discovered at Toronto elementary schools on Tuesday, bringing the city's total to 28, Toronto Public Health says.

Officials grew concerned about the growing number of probable mumps cases in several Barrington schools, saying students who have not been vaccinated should either get the vaccine or stay home until the virus runs its course.

The mumps virus is spread when a person with the illness coughs or sneezes nearby, or shares food or drinks with other people.

Last month, a case of the mumps was also confirmed at Halifax West High School.

"We've done some thorough cleaning of our facilities, especially over the weekend when no one was in the building, we were cleaning with a bleach based solution and focusing on the high touch areas like door knobs, bathrooms tables and chairs", said Morgan Delack of Barrington School District 220.

The possible case, which hasn't been confirmed, is at Helen C. Pierce School of International Studies, 1423 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., in the Andersonville neighborhood, the report stated.

Victor Plotkin, an epidemiologist with the Lake County Health Department, said health officials usually decide to confirm a mumps case when a particular case has a positive viral test showing symptoms of mumps.

An adult at Barrington High School was identified as the second confirmed case of mumps, Lake County health officials have said. Unvaccinated children should be kept home if mumps breaks out in their schools.