Riot awarded $10 million following lawsuit against LeagueSharp

  • Riot awarded $10 million following lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Riot awarded $10 million following lawsuit against LeagueSharp

Last year, Riot Games entered the legal arena to shut down League of Legends scripting/cheating site, LeagueSharp, a service that Riot claimed was ruining their game and their cash flow. "We apologize for any pain we've caused to players of League of Legends".

According to Dot Esports, LeagueSharp put its users at an unfair advantage in League matches, using scripts and hacks to manipulate games. Finally, all of the cheat service provider's websites are now under the control of Riot Games, which should serve to reduce the number of cheaters in the game. The lawsuit also accuses LeagueSharp of attacking Riot's servers, teaching LoL players how to cheat without being caught and advising them how to fraudulently dispute transactions in-game.

The lawsuit is another manifestation of a get-tough policy Riot is bringing to bear on those who either violate the game's terms of services, sell League of Legends cheats, accounts or services on the side, or both.

The settlement ultimately awards Riot $10 million, places a court-ordered ban on the software, and gives Riot control of LeagueSharp's websites. Leaguesharp reportedly made profits upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. Game companies are in a never-ending battle against cheating services that always seem to be one step ahead, whether its wall hackers in "Counter Strike" or bots in "League of Legends".

For starters, there's the huge payout that Riot Games will be receiving, which should work well to deter future attempts at restarting the business.

Some anti-cheating initiatives are more successful than others, but for them to succeed, perhaps the most important factor is that the player community should remain vigilant in fighting back against cheaters.