Infiniti hints at 'Black S' performance brand with wild Q60 concept

  • Infiniti hints at 'Black S' performance brand with wild Q60 concept

Infiniti hints at 'Black S' performance brand with wild Q60 concept

The standard Q60 is a very dignified and elegant auto, and it isn't the most obvious candidate to be given a more macho makeover. Infiniti is using it to gauge interest in a higher-end hot version of the Q60 and, if the public is keen, might even put something closely resembling the Project Black S into production. The concept also consists of top-spec, four-wheel drive version of Infiniti's new two door Q60 coupe, whose 3-litre twin-turbo V6 engine has already produced 406hp and the vehicle has a 0-100kph sprint time of 5.0 seconds. "We call it hand of the artist, or hand of the craftsmen" Weaver explains.

The new auto is based on Infiniti's two-door coupe and has been created to highlight the technical partnership between Infiniti and the Renault Sport F1 team.

The system works by harvesting energy before deploying it in order to boost power and torque, in turn leading to instant, lag-free acceleration, according to the automaker.

There could be a high-performance line-up available soon from Infiniti.

Infiniti has a long connection with Formula 1, having sponsored Red Bull Racing before joining parent company Renault as a technical partner this year. The result is that each new element has a delicate, organic shape.

Infiniti estimates that adding ERS to the Q60's drivetrain could increase power by 25%, giving the Black S 500bhp.

As well as the aerodynamic additions, Infiniti has also focused on improving cooling to the engine in the Black S, should it ever need to cope with the extra power.

A larger bumper enhances sporty styling and flared arches, along with large air intakes and a chin spoiler.

Infiniti says that the Black S will also receive an appropriately upgraded chassis.

The Black S concept also gets a set of super-performance body modifications, which was designed at Infiniti's Paddington studio under the supervision of European design director Matt Weaver.

For example, the Project Black S features a performance hybrid powertrain with an energy recovery system (ERS) unlike anything you'll see in a current road vehicle. Cars sporting the Black S trim, as clarified by this concept, will be more performance-oriented.

Beside the experimental engine technology, the Project Black S is also a test-bed for all the wild styling cues Infiniti wasn't willing to fit to the production vehicle.

Approval from Geneva Motor Show visitors could lead to a future production model.