Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Scheduled for Q1 Release?

  • Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Scheduled for Q1 Release?

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Scheduled for Q1 Release?

Moreover, there were some reports claiming that Microsoft may be planning to launch its latest Windows 10 update with a product capable of running it right away.

Recent rumors of a spring release surfaced when Microsoft failed to reveal any updates on the Surface Pro 5 during the recently concluded Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. This time, reports are suggesting that Microsoft will be unveiling the Surface Pro 5 early this year. Microsoft's statement that they are delaying the software just so it can be compatible with "new surface device", just adds some sort of credibility to this rumor.

There is always a great possibility that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be released this year.

There's also a possibility that Surface Pro 5 will ship with Surface Dial, the new input device that Microsoft unveiled at the launch of the Surface Studio PC.

With the success of Microsoft Surface Pro 4, all eyes are on Microsoft.

The second mention of Microsoft Surface Pro 5, which could be considered as the less reliable of the two, is an image tag found on Microsoft's French website. Those had a release date of January 3, 2017, which has come and gone. Word on the street is that this device may be released some time in spring. With the device expected to be announced anytime within the year, there is still no official announcements from the company regarding its possible specs, changes, and features. A long battery life with Surface Pro 5 will come a long way.

Another edge that the Surface tablet will have is its 12.3-inch UHD/4K screen, which the iPad Pro won't be able to match, pixel for pixel. Like its predecessor, Surface Pro 4 was launched in October 2015, while Surface Book i7 was in October 2016. There are already several new features on Windows 10 Creators Update that are game-changers, such as 3D, gaming mode and lots more that we've seen over the past several Insider preview builds of Windows 10. For those hunting with a budget, Microsoft will ship Surface Pro 5 with lesser RAM spaces in the series. With Redstone 3, things will get even better.