Kim Jong-Nam killing suspect claims his family were threatened

  • Kim Jong-Nam killing suspect claims his family were threatened

Kim Jong-Nam killing suspect claims his family were threatened

Malaysia's foreign ministry says North Korean ambassador Kang Chol must leave the country within 48 hours.

-The United States is mulling whether to place North Korea back on a list of nations that support terrorism, following the suspected assassination of the half-brother of the North's leader, Kim Jong-un, in a Malaysian airport last month, according to South Korean and Japanese media.

Malaysian authorities have said there's insufficient evidence to charge Ri over Kim Jong Nam's killing at Kuala Lumpur's airport on February 13. And while President Trump has vowed to adopt a tough stance on Mr. Kim, placing the North back on this list for an assassination might prove quite hard.

Mr Kim, who was travelling under the name Kim Chol, was at the KL International Airport to catch a flight to Macau when he was allegedly attacked with the VX nerve agent.

Malaysia's investigative options are running out, as only two women - an Indonesian and a Vietnamese both in their 20s - have so far been charged with the murder of Kim Jong Nam, the eldest son of late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

USA and South Korean officials have said he was killed by agents of the North Korean regime.

UKM deputy director Dr Sufian Jusof, who specialises in worldwide and economic law, agreed but added that it is not a loss for Malaysia as independent travel is not allowed within North Korea.

The foreign ministry statement said that on February 28 the government had already issued Pyongyang a same-day deadline for a written apology over Kang's accusations.

An arrest warrant was issued on Friday for the 37-year old airline worker, Kim Uk Il.

Last Thursday, the Malaysian government announced that North Koreans would no longer enjoy visa- free travel to Malaysia from today.

It has not directly blamed North Korea for the attack, but there is widespread suspicion Pyongyang was responsible.

With investigations at a standstill, attention is turning to the fate of the body of Kim Jong Nam, who had long led a life in exile under the protection of China.

Kim died within 20 minutes, authorities say. Experts say the oily poison was nearly certainly produced in a sophisticated state weapons laboratory, and North Korea is widely believed to possess large quantities of chemical weapons including VX.

"We are not looking for enemies but if they use Malaysia as a platform to carry out their agenda, they should not accuse Malaysia and tarnish our image on the global diplomatic front", Ahmad Zahid told a public event.

China is considered to be responsible for obtaining at least sometimes reasonable behavior from it, based on, first, China's size and military power, and, second, China's economic hold on it, exercised through rice and other exports and North Korea's dependence on China for energy.