Google Pixel 2 Confirmed By Rick Osterloh: To Remain In Premium Segment

Osterloh said, "Pixel stays premium". "So, you can count on us to follow it", Osterloh told the publication. "So, you can count on us to follow it", Osterloh said according to AndroidPit.

Osterloh also confirmed that this year's Pixel would have more or less the same price as the original phone, meaning that we are looking at another premium device.

Google's Pixel smartphone this year was a significant reset for the company's mobile hardware strategy - and one that earned a lot of praise from customers and critics. Google nearly started from scratch by giving a fresh look to the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets and also incorporated some premium features like Google Assistant and a great camera.

Despite Android occupying over 80% of the smartphone markets, Apple still makes more revenue off their smartphone division. With the Pixel smartphones, Google eyes a device with an impeccable hardware and software integration, like the one found in iPhones.

For the production of a highly efficient Google Pixel 2, the company is rumored to be experimenting with prototypes of the phone with partners, different chipsets and other components.

Revealing all the inner workings of the upcoming iPhone rival, the leaked specs sheets has confirmed the eagerly awaited handset is going to be something truly special.

We don't think Google will release a mid-range or budget-friendly Pixel phone since Osterloh already confimred that the line will stay premium.

With Pixel delivering on all aspects, it is expected that Google Pixel 2 will maintain the standards; however, it has been learned that the device won't be cheaper. The tech giant has kept a tight lid and our best bet so far are rumors which included water resistance, a faster processor, and a better camera.

The "Pixel 2B" will cost less than the main device, but will likely feature less powerful hardware. With Google Assistant on iPhones, it will be interesting to see who garners more popularity amongst iOS users.