Trump Supporters Hold Rallies Across North Carolina

  • Trump Supporters Hold Rallies Across North Carolina

Trump Supporters Hold Rallies Across North Carolina

Police kept protestors at bay as Trump supporters filed out.

Several speakers addressed the rally, including King, who tried to downplay the importance of the Democratic opposition and to put the focus where he thinks it belongs, on the establishment Republicans in Congress who may try and thwart Trump.

One of the non-vulgar chants went, "No Trump".

Six counterprotesters were arrested in St. Paul on Saturday during a rally in support of President Donald Trump, one of several "March 4 Trump" events held nationwide.

Two separate rallies are scheduled for Saturday at the state capitol in Frankfort.

Near Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity.

"Well it's more than an anti-Trump protest", says Lehmkuhle, "It's more of pro of American values protest to me".

She pointed to the Trump supporters and said, "Over here is the right way to have a rally".

"He's not going to say what all the other politicians want him to say", said Powell, 36.

Billy Powell of Wilmington held a handmade sign that said, "We are family All my deplorables and me".

Those who came to protest against Trump on the road at the bottom of the plaza drew some back and forth with some of the supporters, and there was a considerable police presence.

A rally at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus turned into a clash of words when Trump protesters shouted "No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA" over the supporters' "U-S-A" chants.

David Badgley is a President Trump supporter who attended the rally.

Supporters of President Donald Trump plan to convene at Trump Tower, the Washington Monument and scores of other places around the country in marches to show their pride in his presidency.

The pro-Trump demonstrators were quieter, holding up Trump signs as they milled about the steps, the video showed. Trump himself also held a campaign rally in Florida Feb. 18.