New Overwatch Hero Orisa Soon Joins the Game

Other Overwatch heroes recently introduced as new are actually from older teams, but Efi created Orisa from scratch, and this is something that we have not seen before in other characters.

Not only that but her damage mitigation, crowd control immunity, base armor, frighteningly good primary attack and utility in her Projection Barrier and Halt! instantly sees her as one of the best heroes in the game. An image was shared of mangled robots, complete with one smashed into a crater on the wall.

Overwatch continues to impress as today, they unveiled a brand new addition to their hero roster: Orisa. Many people were fairly shocked by Orisa's announcement after much of the speculation pointed to Doomfist coming after Efi Oladele. Even if it only bunches up enemies for a second, that's plenty of time to spray them down with bullets, and also gives teammates a chance to lay into them-Junkrats and Pharahs will especially enjoy teaming up with an Orisa, we imagine.

However, the next teaser showed the OR15 robots destroyed in what seemed to be a destructive attack in the Numbani Airport. In a developer update, Jeff Kaplan goes through some of the inspiration for Orisa, which you can watch in the video below, but I'll go over a few of the main points if you don't have time to watch the almost thirteen minute video.

Above: She is an alternative to Reinhardt.

For anyone who has yet to read anything about Orisa's kit, in many ways she's an amalgamation of various heroes, blending certain components from the likes of Reinhardt, Zarya, Bastion and Mercy. Orisa launches a charge, then activates it again to pull enemies towards the projectile. Orisa shoots out a pulse which, when triggered, will bring targets within the radius together for a very short period. Her Fortify has her activating special security protocols in her armour, temporarily reducing damage taken and negating any action-imparing effects like slows or knockdowns.

Orisa also has the advantage of not being essentially disabled while her shield is active, so she can shoot, and use her other skills, and have her shield up at the same time. The barrier has 900 HP, and acts the same as Reinhardt's shield or Winston's barrier.

She will have a few abilities at her disposal.

Orisa's ultimate is her Supercharger.