Jon Stewart blasts Trump AND media on Colbert

With that $6 trillion we could have rebuilt the country's crumbling infrastructure twice, Trump said, then simpered, "Maybe even three times if you had people who had the ability to negotiate". Well good riddance, I say!

That's what makes Stewart's brief appearance on Monday night's The Late Show with Stephen Colbert so important.

"It is time to get your groove back, media", said Stewart, talking to the camera "that goes straight to the media". He joked about Trump breaking up with the media - "KICK. HIM. TO. THE".

With trademark intensity, the comedian went on to criticise the media's obsession with Trump, levelling his rage at one of his other consistent targets, CNN.

"Put on a few pundits".

Instead of worrying about whether Trump is un-American or if he thinks that you're the enemy or if he's being mean to something for yourself. Obsessing 24 hours a day, seven days a week about this one guy.

"Just like the Statue of Liberty says, "Give us your exhausted, your poor, but not so poor they can't afford a two bedroom apartment", Colbert snarked. You think he's gonna come on our show? Noah added: "You know you fucked up when even the little kids are coming hard at you".

Anxious that the mainstream media's breakup with President Trump has reporters feeling blue, Jon Stewart stops by with relationship advice. If Trump will delay putting his very bad policies into effect to preserve his good press, then surely we should just keep praising him until he's out of office, and everything will be fine. "Oh, Donny, please, just let us know you're OK!'"

For 16 years Jon Stewart was the king of political satire, especially during the Bush era - when he constantly ridiculed the administration and Republican leadership.

With his nightly satirical digs at the current United States administration, Stephen Colbert has been leading the late-night comedy resistance against Donald Trump. Self-improvement! Take up a hobby.

He then took aim at the viral picture of Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway sitting in the Oval Office in a odd, overly comfortable manner, shoes on the sofa.