'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins shares Oscars speech he would have given

  • 'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins shares Oscars speech he would have given

'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins shares Oscars speech he would have given

It turns out that PricewaterhouseCooper, the people behind making sure the results are a closely guarded secret, have taken the blame. Oh, well, that hope is gone. We all remember the awkward moment when all of La La Land was on stage to get the Best Picture award when it became clear that "Moonlight" was the actual victor. "The repression is the enemy of civilization", and other Oscar acceptance speeches. That was the positive about all of this. She called out La La Land. But it did help Walker capture some great moments that wouldn't have happened otherwise. "These things just happen, until they don't".

Still, I expected La La Land to win, because it was a candy-colored (if not completely uplifting) story about plucky show biz kids. "Moonlight has won best picture".

The actor refused and told Natoli, "I'm holding onto them". Following the historic win at the Oscars, however, the film is on its way to almost tripling its domestic earnings. Directing, Original Score and Original Song.

The nominations for the awards were announced Tuesday morning and as expected, "La La Land" led the way with 14 nominations.

The cinema played a trick on its customers during the Monday night screening of the actual best picture victor, Moonlight - patrons were treated to 20 seconds of a La La Land teaser trailer when the screening of Moonlight was scheduled to start, much to the initial dismay and then amusement of those in attendance. Moonlight won three, including Best Supporting Actor for Mahershala Ali.

Walker also had the opportunity to shoot the Oscars rehearsal, which gave him an appreciation of how the ceremony is put together. I was pleased for both of these two films because they had both made my "Top Ten" list. That award goes to a little Indie film out of Ireland and my favorite film of the year, Sing Street. I have seen four of the five nominees. Jenkins had prepared a speech, but on live television, he said: "Very clearly, even in my dreams this could not be true".

'But then I had to very quickly get back into that place.

So another "Oscars" has come and gone. And some critics noted that real progress will come only when the film industry casts more minority actors in roles that are not defined by their race. I regretted it when the Academy did not recognize "Silence" more for its brilliance.

For Gosling, he has an uphill battle because of Casey Affleck, who should win for his reserved, but emotional performance in Manchester By The Sea.

The New York Times reported Tuesday (February 28) that distributor A24 expanded the film to almost 1,5000 theaters after its "Best Picture" win. I was thrilled when "Hacksaw Ridge" got recognized twice and my inner child would have been deeply disappointed if "The Jungle Book" had not taken Visual Effects. But usually, I just want to punch somebody in the face when I don't win something I believe I deserved to win.

That the incredible win for "Moonlight" - a film about black gay love, black masculinity, blackness in microcosm and writ large, co-written and directed by a black man - will forever be linked to "La La Land' and misplaced graciousness is a damn shame", although anyone who knows anything about the Oscars realizes that this statement is nonsense.

The 2017 Academy Awards will forever be remembered for one of the biggest screw-ups in Oscars history.