Donald Trump Rehearses Speech In Limo. Twitter Goes Into Overdrive

  • Donald Trump Rehearses Speech In Limo. Twitter Goes Into Overdrive

Donald Trump Rehearses Speech In Limo. Twitter Goes Into Overdrive

Earlier in the day he told TV news anchors at a private lunch that he wanted to reform America's immigration system, suggesting that he was open to providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented worker.

Abdul-Qadir, who placed third in foil fencing in the Midwest regionals and advanced to the national competition last fall, will attend as Foster's guest. "You're more apt to have risk going forward...what you really want to be cognizant of right now is you have an incredibly idyllic cocktail of things being incredibly placid", said Siomades.

There is agreement across party lines that Mr. Trump is trying to do what he said he'd do during the campaign.

Former Kentucky Gov. Steven Beshear, a Democrat who presided over a successful rollout of the Affordable Care Act in his state, will respond.

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Denver: "For the past month, President Trump and Republican leaders in Congress have been giving us platitudes and promises, but no real plans on anything from health care to immigration to education and beyond. No, I don't think it's been - maybe it's my fault".

But some Republicans were more circumspect in their assessments.

"Adds Dan Clifton, a Washington policy analyst at Strategas Research Partners: "(Trump) set out a course for Republican members of Congress to rally around.

America's Health Insurance Plans said in a statement: "During the meeting, we discussed how our experience, expertise, and lessons learned from the past inform our solutions to deliver both short-term stability and long-term improvement".

"Wall Street is giving him more time after this speech; not a lot more but some", says Kotok. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) Trump greets Sen.

Donald Trump insisted the Yemen raid, which saw the first combat fatality of his administration, was "highly successful" during his speech.

Asked whether anything about the speech surprised him, Reed said: "The tone was something that I thought was very presidential".

I'm on a train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and was unable to watch President Trump's speech to Congress. "We don't have an Assistant Secretary of State", he said. The president won favor from viewers for his plans to build roads and bridges - the one issue on which his approach appealed to most Democrats as well as almost all Republicans. "It's how we get from "A" to 'B, '" she said. Although Trump has pledged a sizable increase in military spending - with concomitant cuts to domestic programs - the administration has not yet fleshed out the details.

The budget, which is expected to increase military spending by $54 billion after deep cuts to other programs - including significant cuts to the State Department, has conservatives anxious about increasing spending and hawkish Republicans are anxious about cuts to foreign aid. The proposal also leaves entitlements, which GOP lawmakers have eyed for years, untouched.