Digong calls PNP back to drug war

  • Digong calls PNP back to drug war

Digong calls PNP back to drug war

WILL the government's campaign against illegal drugs turn bloody once more when the Philippine National Police (PNP) rejoins the drive as directed by President Rodrigo Duterte?

Dela Rosa said he had spoken with governors, mayors and village officials who, he said, were clamoring for police to return to the anti-drugs campaign because drug peddlers and users were back on the streets. He did not elaborate.

It depends on the drug suspects, according to the PNP chief, Director General Ronald dela Rosa.

On Jan. 30, the PNP suspended its war on drugs after several officers were accused of kidnapping and then killing a Korean businessman in October inside PNP headquarters under the cover of an anti-drug operation.

On Tuesday, he said those police recalled to operations would have to be supervised by PDEA agents. "There should always be a PDEA. who will be supervising everything".

"It is reckless, to say the least, to allow the resumption of the anti-drug operations of the Philippine National Police which is more interested in the incentives given them than in investigating and preventing death squad-style killings", she added.

Duterte has resolutely defended the campaign and lambasted anyone who raises concern about it, including world leaders like then United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon and former U.S. president Barack Obama.

"I have ordered [PNP chief] Bato [dela Rosa] to recruit young men in the PNP who are imbued with fervor of patriotism to be the members only of the task forces".

"With this agreement, we can now push through with our new and bigger role in ending the illegal drugs scourge", Arevalo said. It may take a long time to form such task force, he said, because "it's not easy to look for honest men". "I have to do it because I don't have enough people".

The senator, detained at the custodial center in Camp Crame on drug charges, said that the government should heed the advice of local and global experts against problems in its war on drugs program such as police corruption and lack of an accountability system meant to check police abuses. "The whole situation will be studied because we need to know where are we on the drug situation and where we left off".