Leaked report suggests millions could lose coverage under GOP health proposal

  • Leaked report suggests millions could lose coverage under GOP health proposal

Leaked report suggests millions could lose coverage under GOP health proposal

Starting long before the Affordable Care Act, premiums and deductibles for private insurance have been rising faster than the paychecks of most workers.

About 30 people rallied together during a windy and bitterly cold Saturday afternoon to spread the word of the importance of the Affordable Care Act.

So now, what the Republicans are faced with is the more hard choice of what popular and effective parts of the act they need to admit that they should just leave in place, what parts they can justifiably discard or modify, and finally how are they going to pay for it. "Lives are at stake, that's why we are here today in the rain", said Berriault, who is also running for a seat on the Common Council this year.

Those doubts, she said, disappeared when Trump won and Republicans promised to gut the ACA.

"I haven't seen anything that tells me if they have a plan all I can see is them just taking everything away and all the people and all the people who can't afford anything, dying", Lawson said.

The Affordable Care Act has provided coverage to roughly 900,000 New Jersey residents: 250,000 who get coverage through the subsidized federal marketplace, and another 650,000 who became eligible for Medicaid when it was expanded under the act.

About 480,000 people in the Philadelphia region have insurance through the federal health-insurance exchange or Medicaid expansion.

As work progresses to undo the problems that Obamacare brought to health care, I believe the roadmap to responsible reform must take both coverage and cost into consideration. "They need their insurance costs to stay down, and they need rural hospitals to stay open".

Tens of millions stand to lose coverage should the Affordable Care Act go away, with several in attendance anxious their coverage will be gone for good.

The challenge of providing insurance for Americans who have no other alternative has some congressional Republicans considering whether to ask the states to reboot high-risk pools, an option with a rocky history. Americans are watching closely to see how much the Republican-controlled Congress will change the current system.

The Affordable Care Act can't be repealed because many Americans are benefiting from it, she said to the crowd. However, Katz and others said Los Angeles County should have a big role given its population and control of one of the state's most active public hospital systems.

"Because of the Medicaid expansion I was able to get coverage and get my issues addressed", says Major.

The North County rally is one of many across the country arranged by the political group Our Revolution and at the request of Bernie Sanders.

Mundy said 2,100 applicants vied for the four July 2017 spots, and nearly 100 people were interviewed to fill them.