Police call dog that ate heroin stash 'one tough pup'

  • Police call dog that ate heroin stash 'one tough pup'

Police call dog that ate heroin stash 'one tough pup'

He's recovering from one rough ride after Carrollton PD found him left by his owners in a truck outside of a home depot.

As for the humans, well, they're now behind bars for heroin possession and fraudulent destruction after they were reportedly caught switching price tags inside the Home Depot store.

The tiny puppy was found by police in a locked truck, lying on the passenger side's floorboard. "And it wasn't in good shape", Carrollton Police Department spokeswoman Jolene DeVito told local TV station WFAA. Thomas Romero of Newark, Texas and Nina Crawford of Fort Worth told police there was a dog in their vehicle.

"He was extraordinarily lethargic, nearly comatose, barely breathing, his heart rate was very, very slow, his body temperature was really low", said veterinarian Stacie Fowler.

A puppy in Texas is recovering after he got into his owner's heroin but vets say this isn't uncommon.

"If he'd not received treatment he would've stopped breathing", Fowler said.

The owners were arrested for "heroin possession and for fraudulent destruction, removal, or concealment of writing", according to the Carrollton Police Department.

Carrollton police named the dog an honorary K-9 officer.

They have 10 days to claim 'Lucky'.

Lucky will then go up for adoption.

His caretakers at Carrollton Animal Services say he's bounced back rather well. DeVito told 1080 KRLD that animal charges will most likely be added to their sentences, as well.