Protests against Trump are set to take place across the UK

  • Protests against Trump are set to take place across the UK

Protests against Trump are set to take place across the UK

Labour's Tulip Siddiq, Labour said MPs should listen to the millions of people who have signed the petition to say they don't the state visit to go ahead.

(A petition seeking such a ban was debated by lawmakers past year.) But it does say that he should not be offered a full state visit over concerns that it could prove embarrassing for the queen.

President Barack Obama was afforded the honor 28 months into his tenure, while George W. Bush was extended the invite after 32 months at the White House.

U.S. President Donald Trump has essentially denied permission to refugees and citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries to enter the United States. The other, in favour, got 311,000.

Any petition that garners more than 100,000 signatures must receive debate time in Parliament. But the country' Foreign and Commonwealth Office said in a statement last week that the visit would not be cancelled.

"HM Government recognises the strong views expressed by the many signatories of this petition, but does not support this petition".

During her 65-year reign, Elizabeth has welcomed many leaders with less-than-spotless records, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and the late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

But symbolic or not, the debate will shed light the protocol for properly extending state visits, which have not previously occurred this early into a president's tenure.

A state visit is typically centered around a president and first lady meeting with the royal family. The Grand Event may also include a visit and speeches at the House of Parliament.

"We can not afford to be isolated and to ignore our friends".

Ms Abbott said that a state visit was "an honour", with the opportunity to address Parliament reserved for anti-hate campaigners like Nelson Mandela and not the likes of Mr Trump, whose presidential campaign proved divisive across the world.

Trump has repeatedly said his immigration orders are aimed at protecting the United States and that his opponents have misrepresented his intentions in an attempt to discredit his administration.

"I think my children deserve better than that. I'm ashamed, frankly, that it has come to this".

He claimed a state visit would put the Queen "in an awkward position".

The state visit, expected around August/September this year, has been at the centre of a lot of protests and controversy, including Commons Speaker John Bercow's impartiality coming into question after saying that Trump should be barred from addressing Parliament during any such visit to the UK.

The main protest is scheduled to take place in Parliament Square, London with demonstrations also set to take place in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Cardiff.

A Stop Trump Coalition website named February 20 a "day of action" against the USA president, listing events planned across Britain.