Americans Are More Stressed Than Ever - & Yes, The Election Is To Blame

"While Democrats were more likely than Republicans (72 percent vs. 26 percent) to report the outcome of the 2016 presidential election as a significant source of stress, a majority of Republicans (59 percent) said the future of our nation was a significant source of stress for them, compared to 76 percent of Democrats", the report notes.

The American Psychological Association polls Americans about their stress every year.

The matter is even worse as immigrants, Muslim Americans, and victims of sexual assault are even more susceptible to greater stress since the election.

Between the 2016 survey and January's follow up, the average reported stress level rose from 4.8 to 5.1, on a scale where 1 means little to no stress and 10 means maximum stress. And it doesn't matter if you're liberal or conservative - in total, 66 percent of Americans are anxious about the future of the country, with 76 percent of Democrats reporting they're stressed and an entire 59 percent of Republicans saying the same, Bloomberg reports.

The survey also found an increase in Americans reporting significant stress for their personal safety - from 29 percent to 34 percent since August, the highest its been since the question was first included in the study.

Americans are seriously stressed out.

Stress as a direct result of Trump's victory varied along both partisan and geographical lines.

Meanwhile, 62 percent of urban dwellers were stressed by the election results while only 45 percent of respondents living in the suburbs felt similarly. The August poll showed more than half of 3,511 respondents were stressed about the election. Interestingly, older baby boomers (52-70 years old) were somewhat more stressed than generation X-ers (38-51 years old).

The data also indicated that American Americans were the most stressed racial groups while Caucasians were the least stressed.

The survey was conducted as part of a larger poll on stress in America, conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of the APA. For example, 53 percent of those with more than a high school education reported stress caused by the election outcome.

"The fact that two-thirds of Americans are saying the future of the nation is causing them stress is a startling number", said Vaile Wright.