Ultra Street Fighter 2 for Switch gets first-person hadoken mode

Several retailers have started displaying game boxes in Japan, and among these is Capcom's upcoming "Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers". "HaDOken" which has players performing the classic move from a first-person point of view.

For the first time in almost 20 years, since Super Street Fighter II, two new characters join the fight; Evil Ryu and Violent Ken.

So, the box of Ultra Street Fighter II for Nintendo Switch will have a first-person mode called "Unleash!" It's also possible that the game will reward players the more combos they land.

Another interesting aspect is the name of the mode: The game box messes with the Japanese spelling of "hadoken" changing it to haDOken.

Earlier speculation for first-person mode of the game thought that the teaser might have been for a VR version of Street Fighter, but it looks like those rumors can be finally put to rest. While no further details are available, but you'll get to fight Shadaloo Soldiers in this new mode. It is now known that the game does indeed contain a mode that makes use thereof. "The Final Challengers" is an upcoming fighting game developed by Capcom for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Furthermore, the box also shows some sort of art gallery mode for the game, which will allow players to check out over 250 pages worth of artwork.

Finally, MT Framework engine's logo is on the box.