Man tries to kill Pinay wife, daughter over insurance

When interviewed by police, Lytle, of Monroe, Washington, said that his four-year-old daughter might have sent the messages.

Lytle now faces charges for criminal solicitation for murder in the first degree, domestic violence.

According to the probable-cause statement, the text message indicated the man was ready to move forward with a plan to kill his wife, saying she was covered by a $1million life-insurance policy.

Jeff, from Washington, went onto explain that the reason he wanted his wife killing was for her $1 million dollar life insurance that he was willing to split '50/50′ with the killer.

The text was mistakenly sent to the man's former boss and not a hit man. "I'm going to take you up on that offer", Lytle is accused of texting, the affidavit states.

"I'll split everything with the insurance 50/50", the text allegedly concluded.

The Snohomish County Sheriff's Department says Jeffrey Lytle texted someone named "Shayne" asking him to help him kill his family.

According to court documents obtained by The Monroe Monitor, Jeffery Lytle, 42, of Monroe, sent the disturbing text message on February 7.

JL is Lytle's 4-year-old daughter.

Lytle told police he knows no one named "Shayne", and that the text in question was written months ago following an argument he had had with his wife.

Lytle remains in custody on $1 million bail.

German Ellano, who CBS affiliate KIRO identified as Lytle's roommate, told the news station that the text message could have been a misunderstanding, saying, "He's not going to do something like that". He allegedly told investigators he usually deletes these cathartic messages, and theorized his daughter may have sent the message after discovering it in his "Drafts" folder, reads the affidavit.

Monroe Police have applied for a warrant to search Mr Lytle's home for documents relating to his wife and daughter's life insurance plans.