Liverpool, Leicester and Chelsea chances of Premier League victory

  • Liverpool, Leicester and Chelsea chances of Premier League victory

Liverpool, Leicester and Chelsea chances of Premier League victory

Despite the fact that Leicester has its long history of victories, and owned the title of Champion more times than any other football clubs, there are many reasons why this match with Liverpool will be hard to win.

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During many years of Premier League work, there are always few teams that amazed audience with an unexpectedly good game, however, the real fight is happening among top well-known teams.

And they are Manchester Unites, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham. But, is that all for this year?

There are always six main teams that are chasing for the title. Still, sometimes their names can be changed with the fresh one from the results.

According to the last changes in the table, Blues have shown amazing results against others. They dominate against other clubs, with 15 victories for now, not even a single loss and 2 draws. Not bad, right? It will be hard to achieve the same results for others, but possible. The next one in the line is Tottenham with 12 victories, 5 draws. They have lost 6 points for this and probably learned their lesson.

The 1-1 draw between Chelsea and Turf Mor was unexpected. Chelsea has extra 31 points and lost only 7 goals to these not so economically advantaged teams. So, Chelsea took its leading role in the tournament table and shut all other teams down, losing only 4 scores against them.

During the year Chelsea has lost 3 big fights, and Antonio Conte’s players brought 4 victories against all the teams in this top-6 line.

Meanwhile, Liverpool is sitting in the first place if the Europa League, leading its own top-6. This team can easily win the competition between the leaders of both top-6 tables. They have to lose in 8 football games, with the 2-0 victory against Tottenham. They have earned 16 points from 24 possible against pretty big names in football. Reds have 4 wins, and 4 draws, and zero losses.

And even though they are sitting on the 5th place in the real premier league table, due to the losses for Hull, Swansea, Bournemouth and Burnley, it will be a huge mistake to drop them off from the record. In theory, they could share the same title with Chelsea. We all know that they are better in the one-on-one fight with league’s best than others.

Perhaps, Jurgen Klopp must reconsider his achievements and strategy, and give his players more credit.

Right now, Liverpool has to meet the Leicester to prove who is the best.