Laverne Cox Told Everyone to Google This Transgender Student at the Grammys

"Everyone, please Google Gavin Grimm", Cox said before introducing Lady Gaga and Metallica. The actress also posted information about Grimm to her Instagram and Twitter feeds. The transgender 17-year-old male is now at the forefront of transgender rights and will be heading to the Supreme Court in March to make his case for why transgender students should be allowed to use bathrooms that align with their gender identity.

Grimm was initially permitted to use the boys' restroom; his high school did not reverse its decision until conservative activists protested to the county school board.

Meanwhile, we are still wondering who is Gavin Grimm?

The transgender actress took an extra moment to make a plea for 17-year-old Gavin, now fighting a discrimination battle with the Gloucester County School Board in Virgina.

Grimm, 17, was born a female, but has the gender identity of a male.

ACLU attorney Josh Block told NBC News that Grimm's case has taken on a new significance with President Trump now overseeing federal agencies like the Department of Education.

HollywoodLifers, were you aware of Gavin Grimm's story?

"For the last 20 years the overwhelming majority of lower courts have been holding that out civil rights laws against sex discrimination protect transgender people", said Block.

When Grimm heads to the Supreme Court in March, his will be the first case in its history where the Court will focus entirely on transgender rights. "With a presidential new administration, these protections are more critical than ever". Grimm claimed in his suit that he felt he was being unfairly discriminated against and the ACLU agreed.

According to The Washington Post, Grimm was a sophomore at a Gloucester County, Virginia public high school when the shy teen began quietly reintroducing himself to his peers as a boy.

"I was just so thrilled because I love her", Grimm said. "One of the first things I read was that nearly 50 percent of these kids try to commit suicide". Here's everything you need to know about him.

But the school board decided on assigning Grimm to a seperate facility, sparking the lawsuit that will now be considered by the Supreme Court.

But again, no one can predict exactly how the Supreme Court will rule.

Talking with Colbert, Cox quoted attorney Chase Strangio of the ACLU's LGBT and AIDS Project, in saying "these anti-bathroom bills are not about bathrooms, they're about stopping transgender people from existing". Cox had barely finished walking to the mic before she directed viewers to do something that likely wasn't on the prompter: Look up #StandwithGavin.