Horizon: Zero Dawn Leaked Screenshots Reveal The Cauldron

"The commercial opens on a time-lapse view of a world reclaimed by nature after a mysterious cataclysm, leading up to the era presented in Horizon Zero Dawn", Sony says.

The new trailer emerges less than a week after Sony and Guerrilla wrapped up The Machines, a series of short Horizon Zero Dawn trailers spotlighting specific creatures from the game's robotic bestiary. "She's a PlayStation icon of the future".

"Guerrilla Games has talked about this in the past and they were very much focused on creating a curious and determined character that was believable in this new world-it just so happened that the character ended up being female", he said. I think we're all pretty okay with that, especially when Edwards states that "Guerrilla Games..." The action-RPG was initially slated for a release by the end of previous year but was later delayed into 2017 to further polish the game. You can check the exact time when the reviews of Horizon Zero Dawn will be available on February 20, that is; 12AM PST, 3AM EST, 8AM GMT, 9AM CET.

Guerrilla Games' Horizon Zero Dawn is around the corner, and as such, Sony are making sure the game is out there, marketing-wise.

Edwards also revealed that the pre-orders so far has been within the studio's expectations, which is definitely a positive sign when approaching the game's release date. "The players seem to be excited for this new gaming experience and this is reflected in the pre-orders".

"We're really optimistic about how this title's likely to perform". Not to mention, the studio has provided fans with a decent idea of what Horizon: Zero Dawn's plot will consist of, as the developer released a cinematic story trailer about a month ago.

It's out on February 28th for PlayStation 4.

It also allowed the title to be compatible with Sony's brand new PS4 Pro.