Help two pangolins fall in love in Google Doodle's new Valentine's game

Google has created a series of Valentine's Day-themed Doodles as February 14 gets closer, but love isn't the only thing adorning the search giant's front page these past few days. This time around Google has turned its Doodle into an interactive love game, which raises awareness about the imminent extinction of Pangolins.

"This Valentine's Day, we're telling the tale of two long-distance loves who have been struck by Cupid's arrow", Jordan Thompson, a software engineer on the Google Doodle team, wrote in a blog post. Head over to to play the doodle game on the desktop or your mobile device.

But in the game, they're totally cute and way in love with each other.

Then you move on to India where it's all about music. In Ghana, for example, the pangolin gathers cocoa beans to make a chocolate cake.

Unfortunately, this defence mechanism makes the pangolin easier to scoop up. World, meet the pangolin.

Because of their unique scales, pangolins are the most-trafficked animal in the world, prized for their pelts and their use in pseudo-scientific folk medicine.

After all the levels of the game are completed, the two pangolins meet for the first time and hopefully live happily ever after. In September, however, global trading of the species was fully banned, and just three months later, China seized its largest haul ever of pangolin scales, at 3.1 tons, in Shanghai.

Here's the link to the Doodle game, play it with all your love and let us know if you liked it. The WWF says there are eight species of pangolin and all are under threat - two species are listed as critically endangered.